Studio Style Nyc Pop-Up Shop / Glam Party

Focused on “Creating a sexier you” lifestyle brand Studio Style NYC recently did a soft launch debuting their Mink Eyelashes at Ak Couture Boutique and Beauty Bar. They offered their customers manicures, wine, eyebrow contours, and a good time, all while introducing them to their unique brand. be sure to check out


NY Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz spring cover shoot for Athletes Quarterly Magazine

Check out the behind the scenes and interview with New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz during his spring 2014 cover shoot for Athletes Quarterly magazine shot by photographer Chad Griffith.

Chyna Nicole Ft. Chuck Turner “Hardcore Love”

When the music hits you … you feel no pain…
Its always a pleasure doing a music video when you really enjoy the song. I must say this entire project came together really beautifully… watch it share it… enjoy it!!!

M-gee: No Tail/Never Come See

This was an interesting shoot, we had a small turn out for the first portion of the video so we had to make the best of our resources. As the night continued things got hectic as you can see in the video there was a lot of champagne spraying which made it very difficult to shoot and protect the equipment at the same time.  This was a very interesting trip to Philly; we partied/worked until 8:00 am. To top it off we left with a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich so all in all #goodwork  #goodparty #goodfood

The post production on the other hand was a pain. the audio was not in sync this taught me a very important lesson I will always be the one to control my audio

For more info/music from M-gee: click here

OWFabric: ASA Fashion Show

The African Student Association presented a fashion that blended high fashion, swimwear, and business attire with a modern take on traditional african fabrics. The show was very successful the Old Westbury students turned out in numbers to support A.S.A, the designers, comediansand the dancers that put their all into making the fashion show a success.

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