Studio Style Nyc Pop-Up Shop / Glam Party

Focused on “Creating a sexier you” lifestyle brand Studio Style NYC recently did a soft launch debuting their Mink Eyelashes at Ak Couture Boutique and Beauty Bar. They offered their customers manicures, wine, eyebrow contours, and a good time, all while introducing them to their unique brand. be sure to check out


T R O Y freestyle by Skinny Da Nerd

its Skinny Da Nerd and he is back at it again. The Nerd is currently finishing his mix tape and decided to drop a little treat for the streets so this is just an introduction of whats to come.
as for the visuals I decided to do a time travel theme for this track. I wanted an early 90’s Wu-Tang type of feeling and nothing says Hip-Hop more than the corner store. watch it, share it, and let me know what you think.